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Comprehensive Coaching Programs, Readings, and Healings to Help You Activate Your Galactic Potential

Coaching Programs & Intensives

Activate – 8 Month Coaching ProgramĀ 

The Activate 1:1 coaching program is ideal for the starseed ready to take a deep dive in discovering who they are at soul-level, clearing the energetic barriers between them and their purpose, and learning how to master and leverage their manifesting power to create the life of their dreams.

Soul Blueprint Activation

The Soul Blueprint Activation is a deep dive into your soul’s purpose clearing away any and all blocks and restrictions keeping you from fully embodying your soul’s purpose. This is perfect for the spiritual seeker and starseed desiring a spiritual “reset” or clarity on their divine path in this lifetime.

What you get:

Custom PDF Report: This includes information about your Starseed origins, spiritual gifts, channeled messages, life lessons, and shadow work

Custom Light Language Healing Track – You will listen to this track once a day for 21 days to support the clearing work done in your soul records, activate your DNA, and activate your soul star chakra.

Online Support Group (Not a Facebook Group) – Get access to a private support group with other activation clients inside the Starseed Collective community to share your experiences and ask questions.

Note: Your custom PDF Report and 21 Day Light Language Clearing Track will be sent to you within 5-7 days of your session.

Activations are performed on Wednesdays and Sundays at 11am EST. There is no call to attend, just sit back and go about your day as scheduled on the activation day you choose while the work is being done.

Spaces are limited