About Me


I never felt like I was from here……..

Since I was a child I identified so greatly with science fiction shows with characters that originated from a place far far away with destinies to change the world for good.

I always had an unexplainable longing to connect with the stars and to know who I was at soul-level.

That was when I discovered that I am a starseed at age 19.

As my intuitive abilities activated, I discovered that my soul’s calling is to help as many people as possible discover their own purpose and path through the power of their own galactic heritage.

You have a divine purpose waiting to be tapped into! You know there is more to life than working a mundane job just to pay the bills but has zero substance.


This is where I come in!

I’m Simran N’golet – Wayshower, Spiritual Life Coach, Galactic Priestess

My Starseed types are Blueprint Technician & Pleiadian and primary gifting is Galactic Truth

That means….

At a deep soul-level I know how the human experience was originally intended to be like and my gifts thrive when I do work that helps others and world shift back into alignment with the original blueprint it was created with. My Pleiadian roots allow me to be extremely innovative and creative with big visions. 

I can hold space for the big picture visions in your life that the rest of the world deems “impractical” and “unrealistic” (whatever that means *eye roll*). 

My favorite clients are driven and progressive spiritual seekers who know that they have a higher calling in the world but are having a hard time ironing out what specifically that call is and how to answer it.

With them, I use galactic channeling, Akashic Record reading, powerful soul inquiry, and an eclectic bag of soulful tools to dive deep into the ancient wisdom of your soul waiting to be unearthed. So you can reach for the stars.

My Truths & Beliefs:

Spirituality must have utility behind it in order to make substantial change. “Love and light” spirituality is not the pathway for substantial change in the world. I believe the age of celebrity consciousness in spirituality is dying. I believe that now more than ever in the history of humankind is it accessible for people to create the life that they were mean to have and make substantial change in the world if they so choose too. I believe that a life of sovereignty, abundance, and freedom is your divine birthright. I believe spirituality and social justice go hand and hand. 

My Superpowers: I’m a soul archaeologist. I have a knack for helping people make sense of their purpose and their gifts through the power of their soul’s unique heritage 

Above all else, I believe that you are a powerful starseed here to do incredible things and the world needs your fully aligned and living your purpose.

Official Bio

Simran N’golet (Go-lay) is an artist and spiritual mentor for progressive lightworkers and spiritual seekers. She helps hundreds of passionate forward-focused women how to unlock their soul’s purpose, master their manifesting power, and reclaim the gifts of their spirit through the power of their galactic heritage.

Simran’s work focuses on empowering lightworkers particularly people of marginalized groups with the tools necessary for their own journey of self discovery, creating fierce boundaries, standing firm in their unique truths, and forging their life path and purpose on their own terms.

She does this through her Progressive Starseed Podcast, Soul Readings, and her content on social media. Her work is inspired with elements from her deep love of Science Fiction, Eastern Philosophy, Akashic Records, and Ancient Alien theories, to take the confusion out of interplanetary soul lineage so more people can easily and practically live lives that honor their gifts from their soul’s lineage.