May Monthly Forecast Reading

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Theme: Delegate

This is the time to begin to ask for help from others to assist you! If you are a spiritual entrepreneur, consider areas where you can begin to outsource and call in others to help you further your vision. For those who are not spiritual entrepreneurs this can look like asking for help with your children or even asking a trusted friend to lend an ear or a helping hand with a project or a consearn.

This is a time for us to meet our own needs and to call on others for help to get our needs met.



It’s time to speak up and speak out about the things that are important to us! What is brewing inside of you that you are ready to call in? Share with a trusted person what it is you’re being called to manifest this month. This is a month of co-creation and partnership. Who is a trusted person you can share your soul’s vision with. 



Spirit is speaking through you via synchronicities this month. You will get confirmation and direction on your path through signs, symbols, and coincidences. 


Shift Your Occupation

With many of us furloughed from our jobs, we’re being called to change the way we look at our work. Some of you may be inspired to take your businesses to the next level if you have them, and others may be feeling called to look at new career opportunities on the horizon. This is a time to evaluate your service and purpose in the world and lean on others for support in helping that come to fruition.


I hope this reading is of service to you!  

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