April 2020 Monthly Forecast Reading

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Note: This is a general reading and does not replace medical or legal advice


Theme: Restructure

This month is all about restructuring our lives. With the COVID-19 pandemic happening this is a huge theme and factor in the lives of many as well as government’s around the world. 

Spirit is asking us to slow down and restructure our lives. It’s time to reevaluate and consider new ways of operating both temporary and permanent.

Cancel Agreements

Part of restructuring requires us to clear away the old that dosen’t work anymore. We have a ton of old agreements whether they be friendships, business structures, clients types, and ways of believing that no longer serve us anymore. This is the week to cancel those agreements to those connections to clear the space for new energy.

Expansion Activation

 The expansion activation card shows up because this truly is a time of personal growth and expansion for all of us collectively! This card is very timely because energetically I’ve been feeling like we are being upgraded and expanding into a new consciousness. The universe and galactic council want you to know that you are being supported during these times and they are there to assist you.


 With so many being very stingy and panic buying resources, spirit is reminding us to give and bring in a spirit of generosity wherever we can in ways we can afford. If it’s giving $5 to your favorite charity or checking on your neighbors to make sure they have what they need. Bringing in a giving spirit is going to be important. This is going to open you up to receive more.


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