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Episode 16: Unlocking The Power of Orgonite w/ Rainbow Rae

by | Apr 5, 2020 | Energy Management, Podcast, Spiritual Growth | 0 comments

 Rainbow Rae first became interested in metaphysics in 2013 when an eerie

realization occurred for her that thoughts really do create things. Since her

inner awakening she spiraled into the rabbit hole of anatomy, crystals,

energy, and quantum physics. Rae’s deep desire to understand how reality

works led her to earn certifications in Crystal Healing, Reiki, Quantum

hypnosis (QHHT) & Feng Shui to name a few.


With a degree in art + design and a partial masters in IT, her professional

work led her to work as a human design researcher and user experience

(ux) designer . Her background in IT, programming, and technology allowed

her to have a deeper inner-standing of how todays technology is a

reflection of the codings within metaphysical realms.


In 2013-14 she stumbled upon “orgone energy” and this research led her

down the journey that eventually birthed Circulate Energy in 2018. Between

2014-2018 Rae crafted hundreds of energy devices that were gifted all over

the world. She gifted devices for free for 4 years in order to gain a strong

inner standing of what this power truly is.


Goddess Technology – similar to orgonite but not be compared, has proven

to circulate stagnation in people, places and things. This circulation creates

sacred balance and harmony between the Divine Feminine and Masculine

energies within us. Goddess Technology is intended (with your permission)

to Circulate Energy in your quantum field in order for one to follow their

highest calling and truth. 


Advanced travelers are capable of using this

energy to assist with astral travel and inter-dimensional works. As we evolve

we will find new discoveries on what this energy really is capable of.


On October 2018 – Rae took the risk and quit her corporate title with the

intention to express her celestial gifts. Now she works exclusively on

Circulate Energy as a metaphysical practitioner and energy artist traveling the east coast sharing Goddess Technology to those who are called.


In this episode we discuss:

  • What is Orgonite?
  • How using orgonite benefit one’s spiritual path.
  • How to find a “reputable” orgonite maker
  • How to find the right orgonite piece for you.

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